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Medical Superintendent Additional DR. L. APPAJI
Resident Medical Superintendent Dr. A V. Srihariprasad
Chief Administrative Officer  
Financial Adviser Smt.Nimme Hegde
  Department Name Designation
Surgery Dr. Vijayalaxmi Deshmane Professor & Head
  Dr. M. Vijaya Kumar Professor
  Dr. S. Krishna Murthy Professor
  Dr. K.V.Veerendra Kumar Associate Professor
  Dr. K.R.Rajan Associate Professor
  Dr. C.Ramachandra Associate Professor
  Dr. Ravi Arjunan Asst. Professor
  Dr. Syed Altaf Asst. Professor
  Dr. C.Srinivas Asst. Professor
  Dr. Aswathappa Senior Specialist
Radiotherapy Dr. K.P.R.Pramod Prof. & Head
  Dr. G.V.Giri Associate Professor
  Dr. B.Thejaswini Associate Professor
  Dr. V.Lokesh Associate Professor
  Dr. T.Naveen Associate Professor
  Dr. Bindu Joseph Asst. Professor
  Dr. R.Nanda Asst. Professor
  Dr. C.R. Tanvir Pasha Asst. Professor
  Dr. Ravikiran Asst. Professor
  Dr. K.P.Jaganath Asst. Professor
  Dr. Siddanna R Palled Asst. Professor
  Dr. Aradhana Katke Asst. Professor
Paediatric Oncology Dr. L.Appaji Prof. & Head, Paediatric Oncology
  Dr. B.S. Aruna Kumari Associate Professor, Paediatrics
  Dr. M. Padma Associate Professor, Paediatrics
  Dr. H.S.Mamatha General Duty Medical Officer
Medical Oncology Dr. K.C.Lakshmaiah Prof. & Head, Medical Oncology
  Dr. T.M. Suresh Professor, Medical Oncology
  Dr. D.Lokanath Associate Professor, Medical Onco.
  Dr. K.Govinda Babu Associate Professor, Medical Onco.
  Dr. Rani S Acharya Associate Professor, Medical Onco.
  Dr. Linu Abraham Asst. Professor
Head & Neck Surgery Dr. Ashok M Shenoy Prof. & Head
  Dr. Nanjundappa Professor
  Dr. Rajashekar Halkud Asst. Professor
  Dr. R.Krishnappa Asst. Professor
  Dr. Purushotham Chavan Asst. Professor
  Dr. A.V.Srihari Prasad General Duty Surgeon & RMO
Oral Surgery Dr. K.S.Sabitha Prof & Head
  Dr. B.C Rajani General Duty Medical Officer
  Dr. Nadimul Hoda General Duty Medical Officer
Gynaecologic Oncology Dr. U.D. Bafna Prof. & Head
  Dr. K.Uma Devi Associate Professor
  Dr. V. R. Pallavi Asst. Professor
  Dr. Praveen Rathood Asst. Professor
Anaesthetic & Pain Relief Dr. P.Saraswathi Devi Prof. & Head
  Dr. K.B.Linge Gowda Professor
  Dr. Praveen Joel Asst. Professor
  Dr. Namratha Ranganath Associate. Professor
  Dr. V.B.Gowda Associate. Professor
  Dr. R.Sudharshan Dy. Chief Medical Officer
  Dr. P.V. Ramamani Sr.Specialist
  Dr. B.H.Arathi General Duty Medical Officer
  Dr. Prabhashechachar Specialist
Radio Diagnosis Dr. P.Raghuram Professor & Head
  Dr. B.R.Jaipal Asst. Professor
Academic Cell Dr. C. Ramesh Officer-in Charge
Nuclear Medicine Dr. R.Parameshwara Sr. Specialist & Head I/c
  Dr. S.Kalpana Sr. Specialist
  Dr. Venkatesh Murthy Asst. Professor
  Dr. Jairaj Gulshetty Asst. Professor
Pathology Dr. Geethashree Mukherjee Prof. & Head, Pathology
  Dr. M.Gayathri Devi Professor, Pathology
  Dr. Clementina Rama Rao Professor, Pathology
  Dr. V.Lakshmi Devi Professor, Pathology
  Dr. Siddhartha Biswas Professor, Pathology
  Dr. Rekha V Kumar Professor, Pathology
  Dr. H.V.Raghavendra Associate Professor
  Dr. Usha Amirtham Associate Professor
  Dr. C.S. Premalatha Associate Professor, Haematology
  Dr. S. Balu Associate Professor, Blood bank
  Dr. M.Malathi Associate Professor, Cytology
  Dr. G. Campaka Asst. Professor
  Dr. Prasanna Kumari Associate. Professor, Cytogenetics
  Smt. M. Mangala Gowri Asst. Professor, Cytogenetics
  Dr. B.L.Kavitha Asst. Professor, Cytogenetics
  Dr. Akkamahadevi S K Asst. Professor, Cytology
  Dr. Namratha Asst. Professor, Pathology
  Sri. C. Obula Reddy Asst. Professor, Cytogenetics
  Dr. D.S.Madhumathi Sr.Specialist
Blood Transfusion &  Immuno Hematology Dr. Balu Blood Bank Officer
Biochemistry Dr. Girija Ramaswamy P Prof. & Head
  Dr. Lakshmi Krishna Murthy Associate Professor
  Dr. G.Ramesh Associate Professor
  Dr. Triveni Asst. Professor
Microbiology Dr. R.S.Jayashree Prof. & Head I/c
  Dr. B.G.Sumathi Asst. Professor
  Sri. B.R.Vijaya Kumar Asst. Professor
Radiation Physics Dr. S.L.Keshava Prof. & Head
  Dr. M. Ravi Kumar Professor
  Dr. Sanjaya S Supe Associate Professor
  Sri. S. Sathiyan Associate Professor
  Dr. K.M.Ganesh Associate Professor
  Sri. S. D. Annaiah Bio-Medical Engineer
Epidemiology & Biostatistics Dr. C. Ramesh Prof. & Head
Community Oncology Dr. Ibrahim Nagnoor Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Medical Records   Officer-in-charge
Library & Information Centre Sri. M. Nagaraj Librarian & Head
Public Relation Officer Sri. Siddalingaswamy  
Social Welfare Officer Dr. Janet Parameshwar  
Clinical Psychologist Dr. Anna Abraham  Clinical Psycologist
Dietary Service Smt. Taramani Dietician
Telecommunication Service Smt. M.R. Yamunavathi Sr. Telephone Supervisor
General Duty Doctor Dr. Sheshachala Deputy Chief Medical Officer


               Out - Patient Working Hours:

               9.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M.  2.00 P.M. to  4.00 P.M.  All Working Days

              General Holidays: 9.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. Except Sundays

              EPABX PHONE NO.091 - 080 - 26094000

              FAX No.091 - 080 - 26560723