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Treatment Facilities
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Treatment facilities:

The Institute offers all modalities of cancer Treatment:

1. Cancer Surgery - curative, palliative and reconstructive using advanced technology and equipments.

2. Radiation therapy using Cobalt-60 Teletherapy machines, Linear accelerator, remote controlled after loading system, manual intracavitary and interstitial implantation procedure.

3. Systemic therapy with standard dose and high dose chemotherapy.

4. Blood transfusion and Immunohematology services with facilities for blood and blood component therapy.

5. Palliative care - primary symptom care with multidisciplinary team.

Laboratory Services:

I Floor, Microbiology, Biochemistry Laboratory

Second floor of the main block accommodating the entire laboratory services of Pathology has been declared open on 30, Sept. 1992.


The Institute with 50 beds at the time of starting has achieved a bed strength of 429. In addition to this, the Bangalore City Corporation Sri Venkateshwara Dharmashala a unique project of its kind in the country provides accommodation to about 250 ambulatory cancer patients along with about 250 of their attendants.

Multi-disciplinary Out-patient Block:

In order to co-ordinate the patient care, the multi-disciplinary out-patient block was built at a cost of Rs.34.00 lakhs. The ground floor has a main foyer with waiting area, Medical Records, Public Relations Officer and Social Welfare Officer, General Duty Doctor’s Clinic, Social Investigators for cancer registration, Out-patient Clinics - Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Head & Neck, Oral, Gynaec and Radiation Oncology. The Department of Radio-diagnosis is also located. The first floor of this block houses administrative component - Director’s office, Medical Superintendent, Chief Admn. Officer, Financial Adviser, Resident Medical Officer, Office, Dept. of Biostatistics and Cancer Registry, CT Scanner Complex, Nursing Superintendent’s Office, Computer Section, Anti-tobacco Cell, Population Based Cancer Registry, Nuclear Medicine Department & Community Oncology.

OT - Complex:

A new operation theatre consisting of five modern fully equipped operation rooms with 8 bedded and fully air-conditioned critical care unit with bed side sophisticated monitors connected to the central monitoring station has been declared open on 29.6.1993. the estimated cost of the above project including building is Rs.85.00 lakhs.

BMT Unit:

Two bedded infection free ward.

Commercial Complex:

A commercial complex consisting of milk counter, vegetable stall, juice centre, Janatha Bazar Provision Store, has been established facilitating the availability of the above to the patients and their attendants.

Radiopharmaceutical Complex:

This is a regional centre for dispensing and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals established in collaboration with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay.

Radiation Sterilization Plant:

The Radiation Sterilization Plant (CGS - 300) "Rashmi" was commissioned on 17th February 1989. This was set up to sterilize the disposable medical and surgical instruments by gamma radiation.

Man power:

At present a total of 1050 personnel are working in various branches. This comprises of doctors, Scientific staff, Nurses, Technical staff, Administrative staff and Supportive staff . Action has been taken to fill the vacant post.


The Institute has a wide range of sophisticated diagnostic, treatment and research equipments worth of about Rs.100.00 Crores. Some of the major equipments are:

Clinac - 1800 (Linear Accelerator)

Whole Body Spiral CT Scanner

Mammography, Lymphangiography, Ultra-sonography

Gamma Camera

Blood Cell Separator

CCX - 100 Autoanalyser

Video Endoscopes

Selectron LDR, HDR


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