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About Library

Development of Electronic Information Services 
KMIO Library & Information Centre , Bangalore. 
Mr. M.NAGARAJ Librarian & Head
Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology is an autonomous Research and Teaching Institute with state-of-the-art Hospital facilities for Cancer Treatment, research and education. It is one of the 14 Regional Cancer Centers in India. This Institute is funded both by the Government of Karnataka and Government of India.

The Library and Information Center of the Institute was established in 1981. The library has now developed on modern lines to cater to the needs of faculty, researchers and students in all super-specialty areas associated with Oncology.

The current resources and facilities include:
* MEDLINE and Cancer lit databases on CD-ROM
*  E-mail and Internet Access  facility  
*  Accessibility of  NCI, (National Cancer Institute U.S.A) Database via online
*  A rich collection of  specialty journals/books in the area of Oncology
With its fairly well developed information resources, the library is acting as a referral center through out South  India
The Library & Information Center is equipped with new system for accessing Of  cancer information by all the users in the field of ONCOLOGY.

Latest additions are:  
* HP make_200 series net serve P-III 8000Mhz  
* HP make Brio Bax series intel Pentium computer system  
* D-Link make 16 port Hub  
* Windows NT 4.0 server  
* Broad band Internet Network

* CD-Snap Server-30GB (Quantum Corporation)
* Networking  
* APC make 3 KVA Worldwide (230 volt) UPS.

FUTURE:  The Institute proposes to develop a specialized Digital Library on Oncology as a National Resources that can be shared by all Regional Cancer Research Centers,Cancer Hospitals and Oncology Departments in the Medical Colleges in India.This broadly requires:
* Setting up high-speed and reliable internet access
Infrastructure for and   developing a specialized Internet     community of Oncologists for 
accessing and sharing all global and local information resources in the area of Oncology
* Acting as a National Host Center for all specialized
databases      in the area of Oncology.  
* Subscribing to all electronic journals and creating a National archive of these journals.
ANNUAL BUDGET: RS: 22.25 LAKHS 2007-2008   
Library Collection
Text Books of Oncological Sciences  4222
* World Health Organization 320
* International Union Against Cancer (UICC)  
* International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)  344
* Thesis and Dissertation  50

* Annual/Scientific Reports

(National & International) 300
* Current Periodicals for 2008 ( Jan - Dec.) 62
* Bound Journals 5706


Mr. M.Nagaraj  M.A,M.L.I.Sc. Librarian                   One
Mrs. M.Varalakshmamma   D.L.I.Sc Lib.Asst.                   One
Mrs. Ambika Devi (Adhoc) Clerk-Cum-Typist    One




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