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On-going Research Protocols:

Several multidisciplinary - multi centric global studies are on-going.

Research protocols involving laboratory studies:

1. Cytomegalo viral infections in patients with cancer,

2. Exposure of hepatic C & B virus in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Clinical Procotols:

1. Interdigitating chemo-radiotherapy for Head & Neck Cancer.

2. Photodynamic Therapy for advanced & recurrent Head & Neck Cancer.

3. Newer antioestrogens in breast cancer.

4. Aromatase inhibitors in advanced breast cancer.

5. Ignotean in advanced colarectal cancer.

6. Newer anti-fungal agents in immuno-compromised host.

7. Newer agent to reduce mucosal reaction of mouth in Head & Neck Cancer.

8. Study on the Safety and efficacy of an indigenous human recombinant interferon Alpha 2A in chronic myeloid Leukemia (CML) patients (SHANFERON). (PROTOCOL VERSION04)- Ongoing.

9. A Pilot study to evaluate the role of weekly docetaxel in anthracycline resistant patients with metastatic breast cancer- Ongoing. Adverse effects submitted.

10. To Compare the efficacy and safety of Amphotericin B lipid complex to conventional Amphotericin B therapy treatment of fungal infections in-compromised patients- Version:Final, April 2 ,2000 - Ongoing - Adverse effects submitted.

11. A randomized phase 3 study comparing gemcitabine  plus carboplatin versus carboplatin mono-therapy in patients with advanced epithelial ovarian carcinoma who failed first-line platinum - based therapy - Ongoing...

12. A Prospective, open, non-comparative study to demonstrate efficacy and safety of cefpirome and amikacin with or without teicoplannin in the empirical treatment of adult patients with febrile neutropenia induced by chemotherapy or following autologous bone marrow transplant -Ongoing.

13. The primary Progesterone Therapy for Operable Breast Cancer - A randomized Multi-Centre. Control. Trial-Ongoing.

14. Phase 3 Randomized double-blind evaluation of Ly353381. Compared with Tamoxifene in women with locally advanced or met static Breast Cancer-Ongoing .

15. "Molecular Diagnosis of Opportunities Infections in Cancer" Ongoing.

16. Randomized Phase II trial of Gemcitabine combined with a Taxane for Metastatic Breast Cancer-Ongoing.

17. Study of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Breast Cancer-Ongoing.

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